Machine park


The Compact machine is designed to prepare, feed at proper ratio, mix and cast polyurethane elastomers. A machine made by Baule is the most efficient and advanced unit enabling industrialization in all scales of the production stages that involve polyurethane. Having a wide range of functions it enables adjusting any technical requirements or processes in order to increase production capacity. This non-standard machine is fully integrated and handled with one interface. The low pressure casting machine was designed in such a way that it easily meets the elasticity requirements of the manufactured products. It ensures a high quality of products. This machine has a significantly higher processing capability compared to when polyurethane is mixed manually. It consists of three containers, whose minimal efficiency is 1kg of mixed material. It is perfect for all methods of casting polyurethane. The Compact type machine has been designed and made for professional use conforming to the CE norms.

The machine is composed of the following subassemblies:

  • Material containers to heat, degas and mix materials used in formulation
  • Pumps to distribute material to the head
  • Hoses connecting the pump with the head
  • Peripheral devices to additives (ADI) and pigments (PDI) used in formulations
  • Distribution of solvent to clean the casting chamber
  • Control screen connected to an automatic system operating the whole machine and the casting parameters
  • Optional peripheral devices: a barrel heater, a vacuum pump, a glove box